We are releasing our highly anticipated sophomore album <3s (Hearts) – and to celebrate, we’ve bundled up a bunch of our favourite things and are now offering <3s as a five-volume subscription!

<3s will be released on 7-inch vinyl, two tracks at a time over five volumes. The volumes will be released throughout 2014, with the first volume releasing January 14, 2014.

Here’s what you can get:

-10 vinyl 7-inch records over five releases

-2 versions of the album art for each release (we’ll include an additional sleeve so you can give the extra vinyl away as a gift if you like!)

-10 graphic novel-style prints as heavyweight collectible posters

-exclusive access to online extras

-the all-but-lost experience of getting things in the mail

No record player? No problem! Subscribers also get advance digital delivery of each volume the day before the release…. and we’re pretty sure you’ll want this cover art either way. Because we can never resist great album artwork, we’re releasing TWO different versions of the cover art for each volume. Subscribers get both! (Or you can go digital only and still receive advance delivery of the tracks and digital versions of the art prints.)

And because we can never resist cool artwork in general, we’re also teaming up with graphic designer/illustrator Ben Rankel to produce an exclusive run of ten 11×17 prints for <3s subscribers – one for each song. Essentially, Ben is drawing a miniature graphic novel based on the songs from <3s, but presented as five visually stunning art prints pretty enough to frame and hang on your wall.

So, as a subscriber, not only will you get to hear the music before anyone else (through advance digital delivery the day before each release), but you’ll also get all kinds of exclusive extras, delivered regularly to your door and your inbox over the next ten months. It’s like Christmas all year.

Click here to subscribe now and get an immediate download of Vol. 1!


Brandi & Krista