Check out what we did last year…

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New Video: “Weird For You”

Presenting our latest video, from Volume 3 of <3s: Weird For You! Watch it now:

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“Where Should We Go?”, EPISODE ONE: Singapore

Last May, we went to Singapore to play Music Matters 2014 – here’s a little peek at what happened.

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“I Could Swim” Video Release Today!

Our latest video, from Vol. 2 of <3s, releases today – check it out:

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Weapons-Grade Love Video Premieres Today on AUXTV

Watch Weapons-Grade Love now, exclusively on AUX:

Behind-the-scenes peeks at the making of the “Weapons-Grade Love” and “I Could Swim” videos

Volume 2 tracks are released, and we CANNOT WAIT to show you the videos we’ve got to go with them… but first, have a look at what happened behind the scenes:

Sidney York in “Brandi has a bugle-off”

Brandi faces off in a French horn throwdown on the set of the Weird For You music video:

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“Electrolove” Official Music Video Released!

Cardboard robots, 70s sci-fi jumpsuits, and crazy iDevice/TV visual choreography: the official music video for “Electrolove” has just been released.

“Electrolove” is on the first volume of < 3s, our new album in 5 volumes. Subscribe to < 3s now!

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“Hearts” Official Music Video Released!

The music video for “Hearts,” a preview to Sidney York’s new five-volume album < 3s (releasing January 14, 2014).

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On the set of Hearts…

Krista follows her stomach on the set of our new music video for “Hearts”:

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