Check out what we did last year…

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“Where Should We Go?”, EPISODE ONE: Singapore

Last May, we went to Singapore to play Music Matters 2014 – here’s a little peek at what happened.

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Sidney York in “Brandi has a bugle-off”

Brandi faces off in a French horn throwdown on the set of the Weird For You music video:

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On the set of Hearts…

Krista follows her stomach on the set of our new music video for “Hearts”:

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Sidney York in Australia: The Sid crew holds koalas

We had a great time in Australia playing BIGSOUND in September. Also, we held koalas.



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Sidney York in Los Angeles

Sidney York hit up LA this week, along with our pal Katie Rox. We didn’t bring back a souvenir t-shirt or collector’s edition spoon to commemorate our trip. Instead, we brought back this sweet cover tune:Drinking in LA: a Bran Van 3000 Cover by Sidney York and Katie Rox

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MasterChef: Sidney York Edition

Even though we’re both pretty useless in the kitchen, lately Brandi and I are completely obsessed with MasterChef. Here’s what might happen if the two of us ever went head-to-head on some of the recent challenges:

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How to Succeed in the Music Industry (according to Brandi’s Dad)

I am in Brisbane, Australia visiting my parents for the week. During my stay here, I have been lucky to pick up some valuable bits of wisdom from my father on how to succeed in the music industry. Here’s what he had to say……on band arrangement:Dad: “You girls should really stop playing those weirdo […]

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Skymall Shopping: The Ultimate Multi-task

On our flight down to SXSW, I discovered my new favourite activity–window shopping in the Skymall catalogue. Here are some of my favorite must-haves that I discovered from Seattle to Austin 40,000 ft in the air:Hmmm…I am skeptical that this would help…I have always wanted to look this cool. On a side note–can you […]

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Three Apps That We Can’t Live Without

We’re pretty vocal about our collective love for the iPhone version of GarageBand – it’s responsible for virtually all of our demos, and given how much we’re on the road (and often away from our instruments), we’d hardly get any songwriting done without it. While it’s definitely a strong contender for the title of […]

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