Mike Bell, Calgary Herald
July 17, 2014

Home is where the heart is – or rather 3s are – for Sidney York.

But perhaps in their case we should consider it a mobile home.

True, Brandi Sidoryk and Krista Wodelet are finally back in the city in which they make their base, and the Calgary pop duo known collectively as Sidney York, but it seems as if they’re still having a tough time getting their bearings.

They did, after all, just return from a quick trip to the West Coast for a show in Victoria. Which followed a trip out to Toronto for a pair of showcase shows during NXNE last month. Which also followed a trip to Austin for another couple of high-profile showcase gigs during SXSW in March.

And, oh, yeah, in among all of that was six shows in eight days as part of the Music Matters festival in Singapore, where they were only one of four Canadian acts on the bill and where they, according to the pair, went over incredibly well.

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